About me

After more than 25 years in IT, I decided to go for something completely different.
I discovered through some assignments that, in addition to being very comfortable with translating Dutch to English and vice versa, I truly enjoy it as well.

I love the English language; it has always felt natural and a part of me, more than Dutch ever did, somehow.
A language that I spoke daily for 22 years, first with my Scottish husband, who did not speak a word of Dutch when we met, and later on with our two daughters.
The three years we spent living in England have been particularly important for developing that true ‘feel’ of the language

I love words, how you can play with them, what you can transmit through them and the effect they can have.
Therefore, in addition to translating it perfectly, I try to convey the mood/atmosphere of the text as well.

That is the challenge, the excitement and the fun!

Over the past four years, I have translated a number of large IT-related assignments, mainly software and app manuals. In addition, I contributed to a number of books and translated several papers and manuals in the therapeutic area. I also provide commercial translations for international online translation agencies. References/ratings will be added shortly, but are available upon request until then.

At the moment, I am setting up a service for (quickly) translating relatively small texts, such as correspondence, resumes, forms, etc., for English speaking expats in the Netherlands.